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Outstanding performances when it comes to RF/MW, both component and module level. They are developing new technologies, high tech products and aiming for new solutions that can make the work easier for electronic designcompanies. Our products can be found in all type of applications and some of them are Wireless Devices, Routers, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi Point Radio, Base-stations, Repeaters, Antenna Systems, Cables & Connectors, EMI Shielding and all types of test equipment’s for wireless and EMC environments.

Special PCB’s, fiber optics, Power Supplies and Solid-State Memory Drive solutions (SSD) are also offered. We can comply to extended temperature requirements and ruggedized specifications in pretty much all different product segments we have!

DISTRIBUTOR of Wolfspeed/CREE transistors, both GaN and LDMOS.

On-Stock parts at our warehouse in Stockholm:

CGH40006P          6-W,  DC – 6 GHz, RF Power GaN HEMT, Pill

CGH40010F          10 W, DC – 6 GHz, RF Power GaN HEMT, Flange

CGHV1F006S        6 W, DC – 15 GHz, 40V, GaN HEMT, Surface Mount

CGH40045F          45 W, DC – 4 GHz RF Power GaN HEMT, Flange

CGH40100F          10 W, DC – 6 GHz, RF Power GaN HEMT, Flange

CGH40120F          120 W, DC – 2.5 GHz, RF Power GaN HEMT, Flange

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